now contrary to popular belief, i really haven't any problem with people who are fatter than they should be. i don't mind.

the other day i was riding my bicycle home. where i come from, there are no designated lanes for bicycles on roads, so we just have to make do with the space we have on the street, which makes for a difficult task at the 5pm post-work rush-hour. i somehow managed to do this until i got on broadway, whose pavement has a broader paved way than the norm - so i rode on there.

i was riding merrily along until i was behind a youngish couple. mid-thirties. slim man, fat lady. when i was close enough, i said "may i ride past you?"

"you should be riding on the road," said fat lady. now i could have rode past and ignored the comment. but i chose not to. because all i requested was for her to move out of my way for a second.

"it's peak hour traffic," i say "i don't particularly want to die, and it probably wouldn't kill you to get on one of these," referring to my bicycle - and then i rode off without waiting for a reaction. because i didn't particularly want to die

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